Fable II: Return of the Hero

Action RPG Fable II picks up where its illustrious predecessor Fable left off.


Developed by Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios, Fable II tells an enchanting tale of a young boy (or girl) called to right injustices in the ancient kingdom of Albion. The young protagonist's sister is killed by the evil Lord Lucien, who seems to be intent on killing all heroes. Why? Because only a hero can thwart his nefarious plans to awaken dark forces and enslave the land.

Fantastic environments, intuitive gameplay, and a strong storyline are the hallmarks of this latest episode in the series. The environment art is gripping and imaginative, romanticized like early Disney art work, without being cloying (late Disney). The game play makes it easy to get through the game as a duffer, but also teaches and rewards advanced skills in combat, barter, communication (even flirtation) in such a way that dedicated RPGers can experiment and perfect their approach endlessly. Marvelous dialogue, well-developed characters, and strong voice-acting from a cast of BBC actors including Stephen Fry make the subplots and the many hundreds of character interactions intriguing.


Just like the original title, Fable II offers the gameplayer a moral dilemma: are you going to fight Lord Lucien or become one of his malevolent minions? Also available is a marital dilemma: Will you choose to find a mate in the game, build a home, and have a child, when you're not out saving the world? With same-sex partner options available, the choices are extremely lifelike and intriguing, earning the game a Mature rating.