We Love Katamari

Roll up cows, bears, campfires, sumo wrestlers, you name it, in this surreal Namco sequel to a classic puzzler that is in a category by itself.

We Love Katamari

Boffo soundtrack accompanies you as you make a ball out of everything in sight. Duis tincidunt libero vitae nisi rutrum ultrices pharetra lacus gravida. Sed ut leo ac diam accumsan tempor a sed enim. Cras nibh ligula, pharetra a tempor at, faucibus aliquet nibh. Cras at lorem ac nisl placerat vehicula. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. In sollicitudin facilisis lacus, non ultrices turpis blandit ac. Sed vel eros sed dui rutrum tristique. Sed non nibh neque. Nullam enim risus, feugiat a dictum at, varius sit amet arcu. Donec vitae nisl nunc. Curabitur semper faucibus est at ullamcorper. In id odio nulla. Vivamus viverra hendrerit vestibulum. In ultricies eros eget tortor pulvinar congue laoreet vel neque. Sed a orci ante, sit amet imperdiet velit. Donec tempor lacus quis augue malesuada rutrum. Donec sed lacus quam, posuere scelerisque velit. Sed vel libero ante, nec euismod augue. Etiam nisl velit, imperdiet vitae tempor nec, porttitor et est. Morbi tempor consectetur porta.

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User Review

Surfer dude Katamari is the most inventive interface yet invented for games. Think about it, the rolling action is the entire modality of gameplay and yet it is so addictive. more
kissR This game is a satire of modern consumerist society. The floors of Japanese houses are strewn with pop culture artifacts, and the objective is to clean the environment by rolling them up in a ball. more
demondemon The J-Pop soundtrack is the entire MO of this game. Funky huh-huh says the narrator as you bounce into the garden in pursuit of small animals to roll up. Beach boys, lounge singers, and funksters are all given a J-Pop makeover. more
grrrl My favorite surreal game. The game is a series of isolated objects in space, people, animals, buildings, and thumbtacks, and your goal is to roll them like a wad of tissue paper. As in other works of surrealist art, the depiction of alienated objects in space creates a profound sense of unease. The only solution is humor. more